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WTF? in conversation with: Selena Scott

July 1, 2021

Cambridge born Selena works to redefine the portrayal of the black male identity. Drawing inspiration from her own family and friends, Selena captures the essence of how complex it is for identity to be related with racism and acculturation. The bias and racial prejudice drives Selena to explore the themes of hyper-masculinity especially through the lens of empathy in depicting her subjects. In this conversation with the Slade student, we discuss how she feels about online classes (that surprisingly feel liberating to Selena), her fashion related upbringing, and her activism to support the BLM movement.


Interview with Era Journal

September 7, 2020

SELENA SCOTT is a painter going into her second year at the Slade. Her portraits illustrate the complexities in identity caused by acculturation and racism, exploring hyper-masculinity and prejudice. JEAN WATT interviewed her about her practice.

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